The USC Racial Equity in Faculty Hiring institute is a 5-week program with weekly 3-hour sessions focused on embedding racial equity in the faculty hiring process.

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The USC Racial Equity in Faculty Hiring Institute is designed for hiring committees to:

  • Recognize and interpret hiring data to understand the state of racial equity in employment and hiring on campus;
  • Lead race-conscious and equity-minded discussions on how hiring committees define merit and fit, and how those definitions can lead to equitable or inequitable outcomes in hiring by race and ethnicity;
  • Use inquiry protocols to examine institutional artifacts of practice (like job announcements, interview questions, screening criteria, rubrics) and how they act to support or undermine racial equity in the hiring process; and
  • Use inquiry findings to inform changes in hiring to advance racial equity.


1 | The State of Racial Equity in Hiring on Campus: Definitions and Data

This module will define racial equity in the context of hiring and focus on discussing and interpreting institutional employment and hiring data from a race-conscious, equity-minded lens.

2 | Interrogating Bias in Faculty Hiring and Reframing Conceptions of Merit, Fit, and Compliance

This module will help participants identify the implicit and institutional biases that exist throughout current faculty hiring practices and how traditional conceptions of merit and fit lead to inequitable racial patterns.

3 | Equity-Minded Screening Criteria, Interview Questions, and Rubrics

Participants will look at screening criteria, interview questions, and rubrics with inquiry tools designed to prompt critical reflection of whether these artifacts of hiring practice serve racial equity in its language and conceptions of merit and fit.

4 | Identifying and Disrupting Inequitable Practices and Discourses in Hiring

This module will make explicit common ideological discourses that hinder equitable changes to faculty  hiring practices and strategies to disrupt them.

5 | Addressing Faculty and Staff Retention Through Campus Culture and Action Planning

Participants will identify the impact of policies and practices on racially minoritized faculty and support action planning to address the influence of organizational culture on the experiences and retention of racially minoritized faculty.


The cost of the USC Racial Equity in Faculty Hiring Institute for the 2022-2023 year will be $60,000 for up to 30 participants.


Learners: Staff and faculty serving on faculty hiring committees
# of participants: Up to 30
Pace and length: 1 module per week for 5 weeks
Format: 3 hour synchronous, virtual modules via Zoom meeting
Key Elements:
  • Individual-level skill-building for hiring committee members
  • Deep-dive inquiry into hiring artifacts
  • Racial equity goal implementation in the hiring process
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