We offer companies and firms live, high-quality virtual professional eLearning experiences on a range of topics pertaining to equity, diversity, and inclusion in business. Virtual sessions are evidence-based and taught by dozens of expert faculty members from USC, Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, MIT, and other top-ranked business schools. Each is highly engaging and includes practical strategies; none are too abstract or uselessly academic. Our live synchronous 90-minute sessions can be customized for small executive teams, for dozens or hundreds of managers/unit leaders, or for up to 3,000 employees all at once.


We provide executives and managers effective strategies to improve and advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in their companies and firms. Our confidential advising focuses on current realities and stressful challenges, as well as on future opportunities. Also, we help businesses avoid, strategically address, and recover from EDI-related crises and disagreements. Our focus is both internal and outward facing. In all cases, we aim to reduce risk and harm while maximizing opportunities for learning and organizational integrity. Developing comprehensive, sustainable EDI strategy with business leaders is another service we offer. Our approach is responsive, respectful, collaborative, creative, and evidence-based.


The USC Race and Equity Center has extensive experience researching employees’ encounters with sexism and sexual harassment, racism, ageism, sizeism, religious and (dis)ability discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and other experiences that undermine equity and inclusion in workplace settings. Teams from our center spend 3-4 days at companies and firms conducting confidential interviews with diverse groups of employees across all levels. We also offer the option of conducting focus groups virtually. Our samples normally include hundreds of employees. We subsequently furnish reports that include our findings and numerous practical recommendations.


Experienced, highly-skilled facilitators from our center travel to companies and firms to engage employees in courageous, productive conversations about racism, sexism, and a range of other seemingly controversial issues. We also facilitate conversations in the immediate aftermath of catastrophic national events. Our approach is inclusive, rather than divisive. Our goals are to create space for employees to be heard; to help colleagues more deeply understand and empathize with experiential realities beyond their own; and to experience useful first-time conversations that are ultimately sustained long after the facilitation. While these experiences work best in person, we have the ability to facilitate them virtually.


  In partnership with PayScale, we help employers of various industries and sectors conduct proactive and self-driven pay equity audits to determine whether any pay disparities exist within their organizations.  Where pay gaps are identified among employees with similar job responsibilities, comparable skill sets, or other compensable factors, we examine whether those differences can be explained by legitimate business justifications and not attributed to protected class characteristics such as gender and/or race, among others.  We offer our clients solutions to pay equity issues and identify thier root causes.  Based on your organization's needs, the following audits may be conducted in tandem or a la carte:

Foundational– Focus on data collection and statistical analysis using trusted PayScale compensation technology and market data to detect disparities 

Remedial – Focus on short- and long-term remediation planning to eliminate or reduce detected pay disparities 

Causal – Focus on identifying root causes of detected disparities by assessing internal systems and processes that may be contributing factors


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