The USC Race & Equity Center and Bensimon & Associates are launching The Racial Equity in Mathematics Leadership Institute to involve math faculty in California’s community colleges in a series of learning and leadership opportunities to advance equity-minded reform of mathematics pedagogy. The participants were nominated by their college presidents, based on their demonstrated commitment to the success of Black, Latinx, Native American, Asian, and Pacific Islander students in introductory transfer-level mathematics courses.

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The goal of this six session institute, Summer 2021, is to develop a critical mass of community college math instructors with the competencies and qualities associated with equity-minded practitioners. The Leadership Institute will provide math faculty an array of tools to implement equity-minded practices in their classrooms. These include:

  • Cultivating instructors’ awareness of racism and its manifestations in the math classroom,
  • Developing instructors’ capacity to interpret data through the lens of racial equity and learn how to ask data questions that focus attention on fixing practices rather than students,
  • Providing instructors with the knowledge and resources to notice racialization in their practices, interactions with students, and classroom culture,
  • Empowering instructors with tools to dismantle practices that perpetuate racial inequality in mathematics outcomes,
  • And, demonstrating how to create math lessons to analyze racialization in wealth accumulation and inequality, disparities in suspensions, salary disparities, etc.

Faculty who complete the Leadership Institute’s curriculum and projects will receive a certificate from the USC Race and Equity Center and be prepared to make racial equity in mathematics a reality—in aspiration and action—across all California Community Colleges.

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